Back to School

When I was a kid, the last two weeks of summer couldn’t pass quickly enough. While other kids soaked up their final hours of freedom on the beach or rode bikes, I itched to get back into the classroom.

“Can we go to Bond’s now, Mom?” I’d ask enthusiastically.

Bond’s was the variety store in town that sold school supplies. I loved inserting fresh looseleaf paper into a blue 3-ring binder along with subject dividers and a zippered pencil case that held #2 Ticonderogas, Bic pens, a small ruler, and a pink eraser.

So when my daughter asked me to help her set up her classroom in preparation for her 1st graders who will arrive next week, I happily agreed. Colored bins! Scissors! Markers! Labels! Pocket folders! Magnets!

word wallMy first assignment was to create a word wall. I followed her instructions and used Velcro buttons to affix the laminated letters and words.

Then she told me to organize the reading corner. Ah yes, another literary project. It took me three hours to sort hundreds of books. I categorized and labeled bins for: Animals, Science, Amelia Bedelia, Henry & Mudge, Dr. Seuss, Family, School & Learning, Sports, and more.

My daughter, the teacher, knows exactly how to motivate me.