Joyce Poggi HagerHi, I’m Joyce. I grew up with my two sisters and brother in a close-knit Italian family in suburban Philadelphia. My mother kept an impeccably clean home and served a pasta dinner every Sunday at 1:00. My father was an ironworker who rarely missed a day of work. As a result, I developed a strong work ethic, learned how to cook Italian, and, reluctantly, became a fussy housekeeper.

After graduating from Villanova University, I moved to Greater Boston where I enjoyed a long career in the human resources field with several leading technology companies.

Musing Off the Mat is a collection of essays based on my popular blog of the same name. Inspired by yoga, the stories about family, childhood memories, travel, food, and yoga had readers commenting that they related, often reporting they either laughed or cried. So I compiled the “best of” into a book to share with a wider community.

My memoir, Jimmy and Me, is the story of a shy young girl caring for her older brother who is intellectually disabled. At times tender and witty, the challenges my brother and I encountered in our youth served as building blocks for a loving relationship in adulthood.

I enjoy reading, yoga, baking, watching Jeopardy, and shopping with my two fashionista daughters. My ideal Saturday night is spent relaxing on the porch with my husband, a crossword puzzle, and a glass of wine.