An Unlikely Reader

I was glad to see old friends and meet new readers who were interested in learning about my books at the Chelmsford Public Library. Some purchased for their own reading pleasure and others bought for holiday gifts.

At the end of the author event, a 16-year-old timidly approached my table. The young man worked at the library and said he’d come across my memoir in the stacks but was not allowed to read while on the job. He said he’d read the first few pages, was intrigued, and decided to check it out of the library. Then he asked me thought-provoking questions about my story. I was touched by this unlikely reader.

Here was a shy young teen who could have stopped at any author table to read about what I assumed interest teens: paranormal, fantasy, science fiction. However, this gentle soul told me he wanted to learn about the history of people who have been marginalized in society.

As I left the library, I felt flattered to see the inspiring young man carrying my book.

He reminded me of a lesson learned long ago and is worth repeating: never judge a book by its cover.

11 thoughts on “An Unlikely Reader

  1. It’s a beautifully heart warming book, as we can see, reaching many souls. Very nice = and that young man will do well as he is compassionate.


  2. We never know how our thoughts and actions affect others until something like this encounter takes place. Congratulations on being there to talk to the young man. He is part of our future.


  3. How fortunate you were to have such a sweet, memorable encounter. I’m guessing this young teen has his own story to tell. God works in mysterious ways.


  4. What a wonderful encounter! Connecting with this young man is one of the many gifts you will be given on your journey. You are making an impact my friend.


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