Ditch It!

It’s week 3 of my “Ditch It” program. Now that the nest is empty, I’ve decided to get rid of one large item a week.

This week’s item from the basement, aka the warehouse: an Ikea chair.

“Mom, you’ve been trying to pawn off that chair for years,” said my daughter. “No one wants it.”

She’s right. Although I donate to the local thrift shop and consign items seasonally, some things should just go to the curb.

Such as the upright Hoover vacuum cleaner I bought for my first apartment in 1982. It’s been in my husband’s workshop serving as a hook for his “yard clothes.” Gone!

Or the 30-year-old bicycle hanging in the garage. Its handlebars have held the heavy duty outdoor extension cord for at least a decade. Vamoose!

I’m feeling lighter already . . . and scouring the basement for next week’s relic.

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